The famous monuments of Amsterdam


Visiting the Netherlands is a constant discovery. In this blog you will find the famous monuments of Amsterdam, such as windmills, churches, remnants of the city wall and places that tell the story of the role of the Netherlands during World War II. You can see them on your own as you walk around the city, or you can join a free tour of Amsterdam in French, where you will be guided. Also, with the free tour, you can ask the guide for more maps and places to visit in Amsterdam, as well as other tips on the street about where to eat or a cool store or market to visit on your travel dates. Whatever you decide, here are the must-sees.

Amsterdam’s important monuments
Royal Palace
Located across from Dam Square, this building was constructed during the commercial splendor of Holland in the 17th century. It served as the seat of the Amsterdam city council until it became the royal residence of Louis I of Holland, Napoleon’s brother, during the Napoleonic invasion.

Today, the palace is occasionally used by the royal family as a venue for official ceremonies and state visits. But that doesn’t stop you from visiting it, as it is open to the public from 12:00 to 17:00, with an entrance fee of 10€ (free for children under 18).


It is surrounded by many buildings, places of interest and, of course, restaurants. If you’re looking for a place to eat in Amsterdam, this is a good place to start, but there are also other gastronomic places that you can check out via the link to make a stop en route in any part of the Dutch capital.

The eight windmills of Amsterdam
De Otter, De Roe, Riekermolen are the names of some of the eight windmills you can find in Amsterdam. They are a symbol of the city and have become a tourist attraction not to be missed.

Windmills, colorful tulip fields, cheese, wooden clogs – it’s an idyllic thought when talking about Holland. Perhaps that’s why visiting the windmills of Zaanse Schans is one of the most common day trips, as getting there is like being inside a postcard, and only 30 minutes away! Although this is not the only region with windmills and typical local products, a trip to Volendam, Marken or Edam are equally satisfying options within an hour’s drive; and yes, in the latter you can taste Edam cheese with its designation of origin. If you want to know more about these rural destinations, all the information is just a click away with the links below.

Magna Plaza
A monumental neo-gothic building clad in brown brick. Once Amsterdam’s main post office, it has been renovated as a shopping center. Its interior galleries house the various stores, and it’s a popular place for both tourism and leisure.

The iconic letters “I amsterdam” have been a photo motif for years, unfortunately they are no longer in their usual place. In December 2018, the government decided to remove them due to complaints from some residents who considered their message “individualistic.” But don’t worry, replicas have been scattered around the city: one can be found at Sloterplas Lake and another welcomes you at Schiphol Airport.